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CF Search Marketing uses proven techniques along with innovative proprietary software, and powerful web analytic tools to generate positive measurable results at every stage of the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process for automotive dealers. CF has a solid track record of generating traffic, leads, sales, and high ROI.


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e=Pro² Lead Conversion Suite

This is the year of “Process” according to Industry Pros, Manufacturers, and Dealers alike!

epro2_2016_process Transform your sales processes and customer communications with our e=Pro² Lead Conversion Suite. A proprietary, robust and fully integrated retail performance application tailored to your dealership’s structure and needs. Our e=Pro² Lead Conversion Suite is designed to improve your day-to-day sales tracking, pipeline, follow through and closing process. The e=Pro² Lead Conversion Suite is a full-service conversion curriculum that guides you and your team through all the steps necessary to optimize your advertising ROI into shown appointments at your dealership.

Easy to implement: Once our system is in place, your management team will have the ability to identify and make adjustments to under-performing methods for initiating and closing deals, ensuring that no opportunity is missed.

A win, win situation for all: From the beginning to the end, the CF Search Marketing team will provide the monitoring, process checks, KPI measurement, and ongoing, living plans-of-attack to accomplish your defined goals and provide the mutual benefit of support to every aspect of your organization.

It’s time to stop losing valuable time spinning your wheels making up for underperforming processes…

Services Pro Plus Elite
Action Plan with Opportunity Identification  
Website usability and plugins  
Digital PMA identifications  
Competition Review  
‘Why-Buy’ outline and key identifications for digital translation  
Human Resource Needs  
Logistical Review
Ensure data flow and software implementation
Lead Management Tool/CRM Configuration
Dealership Operational Guideline
Example Spreadsheets
CSR Daily Docs
Daily Performance Recap
CPAS Software 1 Rooftop/20 Users Group/Unlim Group/Unlim
Printed Materials At Cost Included Included
On-site to Launch 1X 2X first 60 days 3X first 60 days
Recurring Director Visits N/A 1X Quarterly 1X Monthly
Live In-Store Sales Training   1X Every 6 Mo if PPP Full Day Monthly
Phone Secret Shops 3X 5X 10X (Sales+Service)
Lead Secret Shops 3X 5X 10X
Lead Response Audits 1X 3X 5X
Cloud Based Reporting  
Reporting Review Monthly Weekly/Daily Daily
LIVE Mystery Shops 1X 1X 3X
Ad Schedule Review   Quarterly Monthly

CPAS – Software that Integrates with your CRM!

CF Search Marketing has developed proprietary software – CPAS – that integrates with your CRM to give your team up-to-the-minute reporting and the edge to convert even more leads into sales! CPAS enables your sales team to track hot leads and connect with prospects at the right time to close the sale.

cpas bdc software
CPAS BDC Software

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